Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel wants clarity and a quick solution to Chelsea’s ownership uncertainty

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel wants clarity and a quick solution to Chelsea's ownership uncertainty

There were further developments on Thursday which marked the deadline for improved and final offers from the four parties wanting to buy the club from Roman Abramovich.

Meanwhile Chelsea director Eugene Tenenbaum – viewed as Abramovich’s right-hand man – has now also been sanctioned by the UK government along with the outgoing Blues owner.

Tuchel said: ‘We read it yesterday [about Tenenbaum]. I saw it yesterday in the news and there was not much more about it also for us.

‘I don’t know the implications and what it means actually for the club right now. I was just with the team and the staff here yesterday and we heard it and right now I think it is not a further distraction, it is just one more of the same kind and we still hope things will calm down and be sorted out in the process with the government.’

Asked if had received any updates on the bidding process, Tuchel said: ‘No, to be very honest, no. It’s still a process and I heard that talks are still ongoing with the government and I’m still not involved which I’m glad about I have to say as we have a lot to focus on here and that’s where our focus goes to.

‘We hope things will be sorted out as soon as possible to have clarity but I can understand that it’s not that easy.’

The four parties interested in buying Chelsea are Steve Pagliuca and Larry Tanenbaum, Todd Boehly and Jonathan Goldstein, Sir Martin Broughton and Lord Sebastian Coe as well as The Ricketts family.

There are understood to be no issues from Downing Street , who would be willing to hand over the reins to any of the parties tussling for control at Stamford Bridge.

As a result, each of the proposals now have a serious shot at snapping up the club. Billionaires have joined forces with others enjoying similar riches to piece together staggering packages, and soon, it will be decision time.

On the pitch, Chelsea will look to make it three wins on the bounce when they take on Crystal Palace in the semi-finals of the FA Cup on Sunday.

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